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Reiki Attunements

Become a Reiki practitioner

As a reiki master-teacher Tammy Geric is able to pass attunements onto those wanting to become a reiki practitioner. Reiki can be used in a number of different ways. As a profession or simply used with friends and family reiki can be done by anyone. Professionals such as massage therapists, nurses and caregivers, traditional talk therapists, hairstylists, teachers and so many more - if you come in contact with people you can use reiki. In New Jersey you have to be a licensed massage therapist to give formal treatments to clients however once you are a reiki practitioner the energy is always flowing. For example if a nurse is caring for a patient they have the added bonus of reiki's energy flowing through them to increase the environment for healing. Reiki can be used on friends and family - as a parent you can use reiki's healing energy on your family.
All reiki classes include the attunement and specific instruction on how the particular level of attunement can be used. Certicifate and hand outs given for each level of attunement.

 Reiki 1 attunement:   $150.00

Reiki 2 attunement:   $250.00

Reiki 3 attunement:   $500.00

Discounts available for 2 or more participants per class.





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